Codon Group was founded in 1996 as an Information System and Management consulting firm to provide a broad scope of professional services focused primarily to design, develop and implement Enterprise wide systems. Today, we have a strong emphasis on building corporate business systems to meet the needs of the new millennium.

After studying problems and solving them successfully for clients of practically every size and in almost every manufacturing and service industry, we’re a highly experienced group of IT and Management Consulting professionals with a proven track record in designing, developing and implementing customized enterprise-wide systems.

Like most raring-to-go young organizations, we value and heavily draw upon the ingenuity and in-depth expertise of our human resources.

Headed by Mr. Suresh Kandoor, an IT professional with considerable experience in solving global business problems and a career portfolio studded with achievements and fully prepared, both with its body and knowledge and a soul imbued with the ‘Can do’ and the ‘Will do’ spirit, Codon Group is poised to help our Clients at the dawn of the new millennium.

Codon Group is an organization that can and will stay with you in the years to come.